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Luxury Contemporary Rugs Customized in 4 Weeks
The innovative luxury rugs company STEPEVI introduces a new collection of designs inspired by technology’s impact on and manipulation of natural beauty. Realized using unique process of high-tech industrial creation followed by artisanal hand-finishing methods, the rugs have mesmerizing texture and depth, with colors inspired by springtime. Made in Turkey using cutting-edge auto-tufting technology, the new collection is made up of various blends of sophisticated modern yarns, including silk, linen, viscose and wool, the rugs are tactile, with surfaces in different thicknesses and sensitivities. This tech-forward process allows for the brand to offer a fully customizable product within a short 4-week lead-time, without losing the look and feel of a high-end rug. STEPEVI serves designers and consumers with customized carpets for high-end retailers, hotels and distinguished homes around the world, from mono-brand stores showrooms in New York, London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, Munich and Geneva.