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Zicci Bea LLC
Zicci Bea Fine Bedding
Six unique patterns create our debut line of complete bedding sets. What makes it so special? We were frustrated interior designers because well-made, high-style, designer-approved bedding was simply not available at a reasonable price. Shoshanah and I each had successful interior design businesses. Our styles are so different yet completely balance one another—our collaborations were off the charts! We knew we had to do something special together. At one of our regular jam sessions, the bedding saga came up again. Nothing on the market for X’s bedroom unless its custom and $800-1200 per bed. What to do? We began brain storming, sketching, researching. We found the perfect factory, began sampling, editing and editing and editing some more. The result EDISON and JERRI and five other patterns, many of which are reversible. The best part is each is sold as a complete set. No need to mix and match, the ‘layered’ look is there. The fabric: 100% Oeko Tex certified 220-thread-count cotton sateen. The quality: superior to many items that sell for double the price. The price, cannot be matched: $199 retail for a complete twin bed (full and queen are stocked as well), which includes, one duvet cover, one fitted sheet, one sham and one or two pillowcases (one for twin and two for full and queen).The textiles are pigment dyed, and the sewing quality had to meet our very strict standards. We paid extra attention to little details that make all the difference. Hidden button closure at the bottom of the duvet cover, deep fitted sheets, deep returns on the sham and pillowcases etc. Our line is carried on our website and in a few special stores in New York. They restock often. Although our collection looks custom made, it’s all made in Israel and stocked in our Long Island warehouse. Orders ship within 24 hrs. We're the designers and owners. Our collection represents what we feel is missing on the market in style and price point. We are inspired by the reaction we get when clients discover our line and the thanks we get when it’s on their beds. Samples and look books are available. We also have a collection of amazing photos from our recent shoot that can be used for editorial purposes. yali+shoshanah