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The pirueta tables are a design by piey, a design studio in Mexico City, conformed by Paulina Gonzalez- Ortega and Andres Ocejo. The tables are manufactured by artisans from the region of San Antonio la Isla, Estado de Mexico, and are inspired in the traditional wooden Mexican toys like the balero, pirinola, trompo and yo-yo. The mainstay of the tables was conceived from the silhouettes resulting of placing one toy on top of the other. Moreover, the colorful lines are similar in technique and color as the ones artisans apply to decorate each toy. Pirueta tables are produced in three sizes, pirueta S, pirueta M and pirueta L, each with a combination of the different silhouettes and colors. The project proposed by piey goes beyond the mixture of tradiotional silhouettes and painting techniques because through the use of otems that are found in traditional cultures, piey presents a new language for Mexican design.