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Saturn Design
The Phoebe Table
The Phoebe Table is a revolutionary concept of how a table can be formed. The top is composed entirely of crescent shaped leaves plus a round terminus for curvilinear forms. Its size an shape can be varied by the use of any number of leaves, up to 24 leaves in this version. Because of the crescent shape, each leaf can be positioned on the previous leaf anywhere within a 30 degree arc. Three leaves could make a 90 degree corner. This flexibility of placement allows the table to be put into an infinite variety of shapes and sizes. The Phoebe Table accommodates small intimate gatherings to large dinners. It can define the meaning of the social setting by its shape, which the owner can create and set up. And then create something else completely new for the next day or next event. This table uses classic furniture materials, figured mahogany and a warm nickel patina, in a fundamentally new form. The crescent as a design motif is elemental. The repetition of the crescent inherently has a compelling visual rhythm. That is set off further by the classic starburst veneer motif applied to each crescent. For those who appreciate the movement and liveliness of highly chatoyant woods, this table will be utterly mesmerizing. It has the timeless appeal of the best Art Deco and the best Contemporary furniture. The Phoebe table has two classes of forms: closed loop and open line. The smallest closed loop form is the 60” diameter circle, composed of twelve leaves. As more leaves are added the loop gets larger and a space inside the loop forms and gets bigger. It is that space that allows the closed loop forms to take on non-circular shapes such as an ellipse or a racetrack or a square. In the open line form, an additional element called the Terminus was created to fill the hollow of the last crescent. It can be used as a round leaf for open line forms or a fully separate 30” diameter table when closed loop forms are created. The flexibility of the table allows it to be usefully placed in difficult spaces. It combines elegantly with curved wall rooms. It could closely outline the curves of a grand piano or flow around a column. Multiple tables or simply more leaves could be used in larger hospitality and public space settings to elegantly guide crowds. It invites creativity in its use and has many potential applications. The Phoebe Table is highly engineered to be stable and easy to set up. The legs can be placed anywhere along the outside curve of each crescent. But it is not necessary to put a leg on each one. There can be a span of four leaves between legs. And up to 8 legs could fit on one crescent. This allows for table leg placement to be out of the way of people legs. And it allows for additional visual design forms to complement any particular top. It will come with a 34”w X 24”d X 66”h storage cabinet on wheels, which holds all of the table parts. The Phoebe Table is hand made in Seattle by Saturn Design. It was designed by Bob Huskey and has multiple patents pending. Contact Bob Huskey for more information about this and other designs and fabrication capabilities. (206) 283-6154