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Michael McHale Designs
Michael McHale Chandelier Collection
Banqueting Chandeliers are the most popular model of McHale Chandelier, and it’s easy to see why. They are available in five standard sizes all of which effectively utilize the airspace over tables by creating no less than seven “corridors” of crystals and light. They are spectacular pieces. The Mini-Banqueting Chandelier is perfect for placing over smaller tables or as the centerpiece for smaller rooms. Materials: Brass, crystals, 8 bulbs, cross hatching tubing. The Two-Bulb Chandelier Table Lamp embodies all the rough-and-smooth aesthetic and design qualities of McHale Chandeliers, but in the form of a table lamp which can be placed anywhere. It’s clear acrylic base and stem reflect the light and give the piece a feeling of floating in space. Materials: Brass, crystals, Lucite. The Billiards Chandelier is a grand and elegant matrix of industrial brass serving as a platform for light and crystal. An orderly array of alternating crystals on the piece’s periphery gives way to a more random, decadent cascade of crystal toward the center. It is a bold and beautiful centerpiece for any distinguished room. Materials: Brass, crystals, 21 mini bulbs. The Outdoor Chandelier is designed to be kept outside all year round. Constructed of brass industrial piping, outdoor rubber sockets, and three mini indoor/outdoor floodlights, it can provide light and elegance to any environment. Perfect for pools and patios, gazebos and terraces, the crystals move with the breeze, sending prismatic bursts of light all around. The Outdoor Chandelier plugs into any outdoor electrical source with a standard rubberized outdoor plug. Materials: Brass, crystals, mini flood lights. The Corner Chandelier is a truly revolutionary concept in lighting design. Designed to fit into corners, it replaces floor lamps but without taking up any real estate on the floor below. The Corner Chandelier features 22 bulbs, hangs on three simple hooks and plugs into a wall. The orderly array of crystals and lights facing out towards the room hang in front of an arrangement of crystals which get longer, more colorful and more random as they get closer to the corner.