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Mjm redwood root cabinet 1
Michael James Moran
Redwood Root Cabinet
Michael James Moran Woodworked Furniture is a hand-tooled workshop for the present age, producing custom furniture that marries carefully crafted detailing with a modern aesthetic. Moran's pieces, like the Redwood Root Cabinet, are usually designed around what otherwise are perceived as "imperfections": burls, knots, and unusual grain patterns. He insists that these elements are essential and speak to the natural beauty and provenance of each board of domestic hardwood. His furniture utilizes traditional Japanese joinery methods (much of which are entirely cut by hand) and is finished with clear, nontoxic sealant that doesn't stain the original state of the wood. The materials originate from small, environmentally friendly family-run mills as well as reclaimed trees that have been damaged in storms or have been felled for various unavoidable reasons. Moran has a hand in the entire production process from cutting, milling, and eventually drying the wood at his workshop, to design and fabrication of its end result as fine furniture.