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Hyde Park Mouldings
Artisan Ornamental Plaster Mouldings
Founded in 1962, Hyde Park Mouldings has strived, over the past 50 years, to responsibly steward the craft of fine sculptural and ornamental plaster. We view ourselves and our manner of working as directly related to our Renaissance-era predecessors. Our success as a company, and our continuing mission, is largely based on our dedication to: - Detailed attention to engineering and material excellence - Assembling a world-class sculptural staff to create object of the utmost relief quality - Preserving the traditions of the craft - Embracing advances in technology and emerging styles In addition to this vast array of standard products, our studio is adept in the creation of custom items based on your unique requirements. From architectural drawings, reference photographs, historical examples or simple conceptual cues, our talented staff of artisans and engineers is capable of producing nearly anything imaginable.