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Saint-Louis Crystal Collection
Three new chandeliers make up the Saint-Louis Crystal Collection. The collections include the Excess Chandeliers, the Apollo Chandeliers and the Flannel-Grey Classique Chandeliers. Inspired by the crude form of rock crystal, the Excess line is enhanced by two new horizontal pieces. The crystal, refined by the iconic diamond-cut, offers a masterly and contemporary reinterpretation. Heirs to the 2011 Collection, the new Apollo chandeliers, designed by Godefroy de Virieu and Stefania Di Petrillo, break away from classic norms to offer a playful and light-filled bouquet. The baroque boudoir style introduced by the Classique line of chandeliers now comes in iconic Saint-Louis color: flannel grey crystal. Three models—the Classique, Classique Grand Siècle and Classique Renversant—are thus crafted in the iconic flannel grey crystal, whose dense yet soft color emits a distinctive sparkle with warm cinder hues.